MSS is an ideal environment for anyone who is looking to develop their knowledge of surgical nursing care.

Musculoskeletal and Specialist Surgery (MSS) is a diverse clinical management group (CMG) underpinned by surgical pathways and emergency care. MSS is an ideal environment for anyone who is looking to develop their knowledge of surgical nursing care in often very acute and busy specialised environments.

MSS opportunities

It is important to us to recognise how contributing towards development and education leads to retention and overall staff wellbeing and satisfaction. We offer not just encouragement for more formal training and development through university establishments, but a wealth of in-house bespoke training, such as Spinal study days, Kinmonth Week, and the Orthopaedic programme, valuing the investment for staff to attend and also be released to deliver these programmes.

If you would like to discuss joining the MSS team, contact:

Jo Clarson
Matron of Recruitment and Retention
07950 884076
[email protected]

Mark Layton
Deputy Head of Nursing for MSS
07950 882912
[email protected]

As a CMG we were fundamental in developing the ward-based discharge teams and infection control assistants to support ward staff and improve the patient journey. We are supporting many of our HCAs through the Nursing Associate route and now some of the original trainees are undertaking their nurse their Nurse training. We have a wealth of specialists and Advanced Clinical Practitioners in our areas.

Alongside the in-patient activity, we also deliver two of the largest outpatient clinics that offer a different aspect of patient care and different opportunities for staff who are not looking for a traditional ward environment.

We are a diverse and inclusive CMG. Many of our Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) have stayed within their areas for many years and have been promoted to more senior clinical leadership or specialist roles.

We are happy to discuss rotational posts and currently we are supporting some team members through apprenticeship training.

Our units

Kinmonth Unit LRI

Kinmonth is a small acute unit specialising in head and neck surgery and breast reconstruction. You will have opportunities to learn enhanced skills which will include managing different types of airways and providing specialist care for patients with burns and those undergoing major reconstructive surgery.

There is a development pathway for newly qualified nurses and simulation training is used to enhance learning opportunities. Kinmonth is a double-Blue ward which means that over a period of lengthy assessments they have demonstrated sustainability in delivering high standards of care against the standards of caring at its best.

Ward 9 LRI

Ward 9 LRI is an emergency admissions and elective surgery ward, caring for patients from a variety of specialities. This Includes Maxillofacial, ENT, Plastics, and Ophthalmology.

There is a dedicated triage area where emergency patients are seen and treated offering same day emergency care (SDEC) enabling assessment, treatment and discharge at the point of care, reducing the need for an inpatient stay. Patients are referred from GP Surgeries via Bed Bureau, ED and the Urgent Care Centre.

Ambulatory surgical unit LRI

ASU provides a day case environment to deliver patient’s pre and post-operative care. On a weekly basis ASU will see 300 patients from different specialties, offering a very varied surgical experience. ASU operates Monday-Saturday 08:00-21:00.


Our Ophthalmology unit provides a day case suite with nurse-led preoperative assessments clinics, and a busy Eye Casualty service where nurses can see, treat and discharge patients. We have a number of nurse specialists working within the ophthalmic department. There is the opportunity for Health Care Assistants (HCA) to work towards some extended skills.

Trauma orthopaedics at the LRI

Trauma comprises three acute surgical wards working closely together as a unit.

Ward 17

Ward 17 Is the East Midlands Level 2 spinal unit. The ward is supported by a team of spinal surgeons and specialist spinal nurses. Here they deliver care to patients with both stable and unstable spinal injuries. A spinal outreach service also runs from ward 17. Spinal teaching and education is delivered to all grades of staff. The ward also offers the chance to care for other mixed Trauma patients.

Ward 32

Ward 32 Provides a specialist area to admit and care for patients who have sustained a neck of femur fracture. Patients often require significant nursing care and rehabilitation due to fragility and other comorbidities. The ward has been instrumental in creating the role of the Dementia Guardian. Orthopaedic surgery meets medical care at its best.

Ward 18

Ward 18 is a Trauma Orthopaedic ward caring for patients with a multitude of mixed traumatic injuries and diverse patient groups. This offers a multitude of experiences to staff and learning opportunities. 18 have been very successful in supporting staff undertaking OSCE. All three trauma wards admit emergencies directly from ED.

Orthopaedics at Leicester General Hospital

This service provides waiting list elective care for orthopaedic patients, as well as a sports and exercise medicine department.

Wards 14 & 16 are inpatient wards with a quicker turnover of patients, whilst Ward 18 is a theatre arrivals and day cases area.

There is a pre-assessment clinic that sees and assessess the patients before their admission.  The type of patients treated by elective orthopaedics are those undergoing upper or lower limb surgery, examples being hip & knee replacements, feet, ankle, hand or shoulder surgery as well as some spinal surgery.

The sports and exercise medicine department has its own minor treatment room & several clinic rooms. It is run as an outpatient service. 

The areas work closely together and staff cross over between areas if necessary giving a very varied working environment and experience. 

Fracture clinic

Is a very busy outpatient area with Doctor and Nurse led clinics. They see and treat a very varied group of patients, offering follow up care for patients that have undergone surgery, changing casts and dressings, carry out minor surgical procedures, see patients directly referred from ED and GP surgeries. They will also attend the wards to review patients. They are supported by an experienced team of Advanced Nurse Practitioners and highly trained Plaster Technicians who have been supported to attend a 5 week residential course to gain this qualification. Many of those started off in the department as a HCA.

Burns and plastics service

Our Burns & Plastics Nursing services comprises Nurses of all bands, including an ANP. We are a dedicated and passionate small team that provides many different services to our Plastic Surgery Department. We have a busy Monday- Friday Wound Care clinic that treats and cares for patients with the following conditions/injuries: Burns, hand trauma, post-operative wound care for skin grafts, flaps, trauma injuries, and complex lower leg wounds. Alongside this we also have Specialist Nurse led clinics such as Medical Tattooing for women who have undergone breast reconstruction. All of our Specialist Nurses have completed their post graduate course in Burns & Plastics.

Ward 34

Ward 34 at the Glenfield General Hospital is a small unit offering care for ladies undergoing breast surgery. They are a team who consistently perform well on patient feedback which leads to great staff satisfaction in the workplace.

Colleague Stories

I enjoy the challenges I face daily in my role and no two days are the same

“An opportunity became available within the department to lead me to my current Band 6 position. I enjoy the challenges I face daily in my role and no two days are the same, and how we all work as one team to resolve daily issues and the sense of achievement I feel when I can allocate patients to beds.”

Rebecca Fye, Flow Coordinator, MSK

I have learnt many new skills which have helped me feel confident in the role

“I really enjoy my role because I feel I make a difference in patients care, both physically and emotionally. As a HCA you spend a lot of your time getting to know your patients – I love that I get to become someone patients feel they can talk to.”

Keira Dean, Healthcare Assistant, Trauma Orthopaedic Ward

The support I have received in MSS has allowed me to develop

“The opportunities in Musculoskeletal and Specialist Surgery (MSS) have enabled me to develop my career pathway right up to my current role as matron. My current position also allows me to focus on the wellbeing of my team which is fundamental to MSS values.”

Jo Finch Allen, Matron, Orthopaedics