UHL is committed to helping colleagues balance the demands of both their work and personal needs through flexible working arrangements wherever reasonably practicable and subject to service needs.

A typical working week at UHL for nurses, midwives Nursing Associates and HCAs is 37.5 hours which can be over days, nights, weekends and bank holidays, but we have a dedicated Flexible Working Policy that allows colleagues to apply for flexible working right from the beginning of employment and below are some of the flexible working options that new or existing employees may request but we recognise that there may be alternatives or a combination of options which are suitable to the Trust and the employee.

Part-time working Where an employee is contracted to work fewer than full-time hours.

Flexitime An employee can choose, within certain limits, when to begin and end work but must work an agreed number of hours during a set period of time that meets the needs of the service and contractual obligations

Compressed hours An employee works their usual full time hours in fewer working days by working longer blocks meaning that there is no reduction in their pay. For example, a five- Flexible Working week is compressed into four working days or a ten-day fortnight into nine working days.

Job-sharing A full-time workload, if carefully organised, can be shared between two or more people and where a full-time post is divided into two part-time roles.

Annualised hours An employee works a specified number of hours over the year but there is flexibility in the pattern of work.

Term-time working Where an employee reduces their hours or takes time off during any school holidays.

Home or remote working An employee regularly carries out all, or part of, their duties from home on an occasional basis or a mix of home and office-based work or a full-time arrangement.

Part-time hours prior to retirement -A reduction in hours or responsibilities to ‘wind down’.

Time off in lieu (TOIL) Employees may take time off to compensate for any extra hours worked, in agreement with their line manager.

Unpaid employment break (career breaks) We are currently offering career breaks to existing staff members on a case-by-case basis.

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At University Hospitals of Leicester, we are a forward thinking team with a philosophy of providing the best possible care to women, babies, and their families. This is achieved by providing effective training, education and working collaboratively as a midwifery and medical team.


At UHL nursing is varied and exciting with many of our specialities offering the latest technologies, techniques and medicines. We develop a highly skilled and motivated nursing workforce who care for our patients and each other with kindness and respect


The Nursing Associate role is still relatively new. Depending on the place of employment, skills and responsibilities will vary but they play a key role within the healthcare team. UHL host the Leicestershire School of Nursing Associates that have up to 150 trainee places per year.


At University Hospitals of Leicester, Healthcare Assistants make sure the patient experience is as comfortable and stress-free as possible. It can also be the stepping stone into many other NHS roles, particularly roles such as a Nursing Associate or Registered Nurse.