At UHL we recognise that newly registered nurses, nursing associates and midwives may be apprehensive about their transition to an accountable practitioner on the NMC register. 

The recently published NHS England National Preceptorship Framework for nursing identifies that ‘the purpose of preceptorship is to provide support, guidance and development for all newly registered practitioners to build confidence and develop further competence as they transition from student to autonomous professional. Preceptorship may also be provided for nurses transitioning from one role or setting to another’. NHS England, 2022

At UHL we are committed to our preceptorship provision

This includes our suite of study days on core and speciality subjects, a preceptorship portfolio and development framework. We also support you with an individualised development plan to steer your development on your first 12 months of your new role with additional clinical support from a dedicated team of Clinical Nurse Educators who, in partnership with your preceptor and your clinical team will help you settle in.

We are actively working towards achieving the national quality mark for preceptorship for nursing and nursing associates, that will be replicated for midwifery once this is published. This includes supporting our preceptors in developing the skills for their role in supporting you, ensuring you have 75 hours of supernumerary time when you start your new post, access to a Preceptorship Lead, and ongoing career conversations and support to enable you to continue your lifelong journey of development and learning here at UHL.

We are also developing a new preceptor training programme for our midwives and nurses at UHL to help them develop their skills to support our new registrants.

Take the next step towards a more rewarding career


At University Hospitals of Leicester, we are a forward thinking team with a philosophy of providing the best possible care to women, babies, and their families. This is achieved by providing effective training, education and working collaboratively as a midwifery and medical team.


At UHL nursing is varied and exciting with many of our specialities offering the latest technologies, techniques and medicines. We develop a highly skilled and motivated nursing workforce who care for our patients and each other with kindness and respect


The Nursing Associate role is still relatively new. Depending on the place of employment, skills and responsibilities will vary but they play a key role within the healthcare team. UHL host the Leicestershire School of Nursing Associates that have up to 150 trainee places per year.


At University Hospitals of Leicester, Healthcare Assistants make sure the patient experience is as comfortable and stress-free as possible. It can also be the stepping stone into many other NHS roles, particularly roles such as a Nursing Associate or Registered Nurse.