RRCV actively encourages a positive practice environment.

We will provide you with all of the mentorship, supervision and courses you need to practise and develop as a nurse within any Renal, Respiratory Cardiac and Vascular specialist area.

Nursing Team Philosophy

We have a wide range of specialist nurse positions and RRCV actively encourages positive staff advancement by focusing on speciality specific education and development. We are also implementing new roles such as Advanced Nurse Practitioners and Associate Nurses. We treat our staff how we would like to be treated ourselves, and have an established reputation for being a friendly, supportive team.

All expressions of interest should be made by contacting the Matron:

Sally Weston
Recruitment Matron/Lead RRCV
[email protected]
07977 197542

Our Hospitals

Glenfield Hospital (GH)

Glenfield Hospital (GH), is RRCV’s main administrative site and is located approximately three miles from the City Centre on a spacious campus. This site will eventually be the hub of all speciality acute services in Leicester.

Our acute admissions units (CDU and CCU) are based here. The campus has its own emergency ambulance bay and helipad, modern speciality theatres and intensive care units are also based on this site. GH campus is a regional centre for clinical research with both Respiratory and Cardiac Biomedical research units based here and has close links with the University of Leicester.

RRCV: Our areas

Acute Speciality Admissions Units

Based at Glenfield Hospital, our large 19 bed Coronary Care Unit takes all acute Cardiac Admissions for the Leicester and Leicestershire area directly via 999, GP referral or from within the 3 sites of the trust. Acute admissions for ST elevation MI and Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrests, many of our admissions are transferred directly to the Angiocatheter Suite for emergency intervention. Our Clinical Decisions Unit takes all other acute Cardiac and Respiratory Admissions either via Emergency Department or GP referral.

Surgical Speciality Areas

Our Cardiac, Thoracic, Vascular Surgery and Renal Transplant Surgery wards are all based at Glenfield Hospital. These services are supported by specialist theatres and clinics.

Cardiology Speciality Area

Glenfield Hospital is the regional centre for Interventional Cardiology and Supra Regional centre for the Adult Congenital Cardiology service, we have 5 cardiology wards, a large 6 room Angiocatheter Suite and many associated specialist services and clinics.

Respiratory Speciality Area

Comprising 5 wards, including our Respiratory High Dependency Unit, Cystic Fibrosis Unit and associated speciality services enjoys regional speciality status.

Renal Speciality Area

Services centred around the Glenfield Hospital, 2 Nephrology wards, a Renal High Dependency unit and acute Haemodialysis unit, this area also supports a number of outlying Haemodialysis Units and Community Dialysis services throughout the Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Rutland and Northamptonshire Region

Renal, Respiratory, Cardiac and Vascular Clinical Management Group

Ward / AreaBedsSpeciality / patient group
Ward 15 30 Respiratory
Ward 1630Respiratory (Cystic Fibrosis Unit)
Ward 17 and HDU30Respiratory acute with 4 Bed Respiratory HDU
Ward 2014Respiratory (Short Stay)
Ward 2328Vascular Surgery and Vascular Admissions Unit
Ward 2925Respiratory (Pleural Diseases)
Clinical Decisions Unit25 + TriageAdmissions (Acute Cardiac and Respiratory)
Coronary Care Unit19Admissions (Acute Cardiology / STEMI)
Ward 26 and HDU15Thoracic Surgery 6 Bed High Dependency Unit
Ward 31 and HDU33Cardiac Surgery 4 Bed High Dependency Unit
Ward 3219Interventional Cardiology Elective Ward
Angiocatheter Suite6 LabsInterventional Cardiology Theatres
Ward 2727Cardiology (Specialising in Heart Failure)
Ward 2831Cardiology (Specialist Arrhythmia Management)
Ward 33 and Acute Care Bay25Cardiology (Specialist Coronary Intervention)
Ward 33a20Cardiology (Intervention / Valvular Heart Disease)

Ward / AreaBedsSpeciality / patient group

Ward 15 High Dependency
9Renal HDU (Acute Nephrology / Dialysis)
Ward 15 Nephrology17Renal Ward (Female Nephrology)
Ward 10 CAPD18Renal Ward (Male – CAPD speciality)
Ward 17 Transplant14Renal Transplant Surgery Speciality
Leicester Haemodialysis Unit29 (175 patients)Renal Haemodialysis Unit