Equality and employment

To ensure we remain focused on equality of outcome and purpose. Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Human Rights encompass all our aims, objectives and actions addressing inequalities and promoting diversity in health care and employment. The key principle of diversity and Inclusion is that it belongs to everyone and that every individual has the right to be treated with respect and dignity as aligned to our core values.

University of Leicester Hospitals (UHL) will work to ensure that its services are anti-discriminatory, enabling equality of access and provision and meeting the legal requirements under the Equality Act 2010 and the specific elements of the Public Sector Equality Duty. UHL will use the Equality Standards to ensure that service priorities are influenced and set by the health needs of all our local and regional communities through consultation, effective equality monitoring and partnership working. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion play a pivotal role in the recruitment and selection process. Our aim is to identify any bias or preconceived perceptions during interviews and final decisions.

We will demonstrate “Due Regard “in all aspects of our business.